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Our Story: You step into a world where surprises await you every day. At FreeGiftZone, we believe in the joy of giving. I run a gift shop and a game zone in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. We love to sprinkle a bit of happiness in your life. That’s why we started this website.

About me: I am Somu, a simple businessman and also an owner of a gift shop and a gaming zone (Recently Started). I started this website to help anyone who is looking for a gift card or Free Game Stuffs like redeem codes.

What We Do: You can find all types of free gift cards and redeem codes here. They are all free in our giveaways. We cover all types of gift cards including from top brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play, PlayStation, and more. We also give free redeem codes for different games and apps including Free Fire and BGMI. Yes, they can be yours. We collect the codes from multiple legal sources and even buy them from official sources just for you.

Our Special Touch: We like to keep in touch with you. You can get gift cards in your inbox too. You just need to join our Telegram Channel and visit our website every day to get new gift cards and redeem codes.

Our Promise: You can trust us. We do everything fairly and legally. We don’t ask for money. We don’t collect your personal data like phone numbers or bank account numbers. We don’t sell gift cards. We only share them to make you smile.

A Little Note: We wish we could give gift cards to all. But, we buy and give a few gift cards every day. So, come visit us frequently and join our giveaway. It’s like a treasure hunt. You never know when luck smiles at you.

Who We Help: You might want a gift card but find it hard to buy one. We understand. That’s where we step in. We are here to help you enjoy things you love without worrying about the cost.

Thank you for being a part of our world at FreeGiftZone. You can contact us using our email: [email protected]. Please visit the Contact Us page on our website for further contact details.

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