How To Get Free Visa Gift Cards | 10 Secret Tricks

Last Updated: May 6, 2024, 12:07 pm
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You have visited our website means, you must be looking for some methods to add extra joy to your shopping without spending extra money. Our team can help you to make this possible for you. We will help you to discover how to collect free Visa gift cards. You can use these gift cards to buy online or in physical stores.

free visa gift card

What are Visa Gift Cards?

Our website has many tips, tricks, and secrets to help you get free Visa gift cards. Let us talk about what these cards are. You can think of them as prepaid cards that you can use anywhere Visa is accepted. Unlike store gift cards, Visa cards give you the freedom to shop almost anywhere, from your favourite clothing stores to online tech gadgets. 

You can even customize them with your photos or logos. These cards are prepaid and non-reloadable which means you cannot add more money once the initial amount is used. They are accepted at millions of places where Visa is accepted, including online.


Denominations offered by Visa Gift Cards

The cards offer a secure, flexible gift option for you where the values ranges from $25 to $500. Like every gift card, this one also provides you with the freedom to choose your purchases.

How can you get a Free Visa Gift Card?

You can earn free Visa gift cards by using both direct and indirect ways. Here are some methods and sources:

sources to get gift cards
  • Branded Surveys: You can take part in surveys and earn points to redeem for gift cards. You can share feedback on products to earn bonus points.
  • Swagbucks: On this rewards site, you can earn points by browsing, surveys, shopping, and playing games. You can then redeem the points for gift cards.
  • Shopkick: This is the way where you can earn kicks by walking into stores, scanning barcodes, and watching app videos. You can then exchange the kicks for gift cards.
  • Instagram Giveaways: You can join giveaways by following accounts, liking posts, and joining contests.
  • Honeygain: You can even share your internet to earn passive income for market research that you can redeem for gift cards.
  • Referral Programs: There are several ways you can refer friends to services like Airbnb or Uber to earn rewards and gift cards.
  • Asking for Gift Cards: You can even request gift cards instead of traditional gifts from friends and family.
  • Returning Unwanted Gifts: There are some ways where you can return unwanted gifts for store credit to buy gift cards.
  • Grocery Cashback: Get grocery cashback from apps like Ibotta that you can exchange for gift cards.
  • Mistplay: This is the platform to play mobile games and then earn units. You can then use the amount to redeem for Visa cards.
  • Fetch Rewards: You can take a snap of a receipt from stores to earn points to redeem for gift cards.
  • Survey Junkie: Take surveys and start accumulating points and then exchange them for Free Visa cards.

Some more topics related to gift card giveaways:

How You Can Add a Visa Gift Card

The process of adding a Visa gift card to your digital wallet varies a little based on the specific wallet you use. Below are the steps for you to add a Visa card to Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, and a general digital wallet:

visa gift card redeem

Apple Wallet on Your iPhone

  • Open the Apple Wallet app.
  • Tap “+ Add Card” or the “+” button to add a new card.
  • Select the option to add a gift card.
  • Use your iPhone’s camera or enter the card details manually.
  • Provide any extra information like expiration date if asked.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Wait for confirmation that your card was added.
  • You can now access the card in Apple Wallet for purchases.

Apple Wallet on Your iPad

  • Open Settings and go to “Wallet & Apple Pay.”
  • Tap “Add Card” under “Payment Cards.”
  • Choose to add a gift card.
  • Scan or enter your card details manually.
  • If needed, provide extra card information.
  • Review and agree to the terms.
  • Confirm your card was added successfully.
  • Your card is now in Apple Wallet on your iPad.

Google Wallet

  • Open the Google Wallet app on your Android device.
  • Tap “+ Add to Wallet” at the bottom right.
  • Select “Gift Cards” from the list.
  • Choose the gift card provider or search for it.
  • Enter the card number, PIN, card balance, and any notes.
  • Tap “Add to Wallet” to finalize.
  • The gift card will appear in your Google Wallet​​.

General Digital Wallet (e.g., My Digital Wallet)

  • For Virtual Visa Cards, log in to your My Digital Wallet account and select “Add Payment.”
  • Enter the digital token from the redemption email link.
  • Enter your address and personal information as required.
  • For Physical Visa Cards, request a card by filling out a shipping form and confirming your information.
  • Your card will be mailed within 7-10 business days.
  • Once received, you can manage the card details and transactions through My Digital Wallet

Pros and Cons:

It can be used wherever a Visa is accepted.Preloaded with a fixed amount.
It is easy for online and in-store purchases.Non-Refundable
Quite safer than carrying cash.
Good for gifting purposes.

How You Can Avoid Scams

To protect your money and stay safe online, you can follow these tips:

  • Be aware of unexpected calls or messages that claim to give a prize by depositing money.
  • If you are contacted by someone who claims to represent your bank or a company, immediately end the call.
  • Always use strong passwords, enable multifactor authentication, and regularly check your accounts for unidentified charges.


I hope you have found some useful information from our website. We keep adding new gift cards frequently. We also add new tricks to get free gift cards whenever necessary. Your job is to be active on our website and take advantage of the opportunity as quickly as possible. You can comment your feedback below so that it can help us and other readers too

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