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Last Updated: April 18, 2024, 1:05 pm
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Hello friends, welcome to FreeGiftZone. All our existing users know better that our website gives free stuff as gifts.

If you are new to our website, let me tell you that I have a gift card shop and also I recently bought a gaming shop.

So along with free gift cards, you will now also get many free game items on our website. This time I am going to give you gifts or codes that will help you to get free BGMI UC.


Along with free BGMI UC, my game shop partner will also tell you the sources (both direct and indirect) that can help you get free UC for BGMI through your own effort.

So, let’s go ahead and get ready to get free content as soon as possible.

Get Free BGMI UC

FREE BGMI UC redeem codes

Coupon CodeUC Amount
A6BJ6Y1D9260 UC
7H6RHXN814CO3000 UC
Y0DUEL4533KC3000 UC
ADI3J3686Y9L300 UC
5091104F3I3000 UC

Free Google Play Redeem Codes to get BGMI UC for Free

Google Play Redeem Codes

Uses of BGMI UC in the game

BGMI UC is the in-game currency in BGMI. A BGMI player can use this UC to buy many cosmetic items, upgrades, features and other premium in-game items that add uniqueness to your gameplay and character.

Unlike items that can only be earned by completing challenges or achievements, you can use UC directly to get exclusive things instantly.

Players are eager to get free BGMI UC because it gives multiple options to buy items without spending real money.

With it, you can express your style through avatars, flaunt unique weapon skins, or gain a competitive edge by using items strategically.

If you have rare items and skins, it somehow gives a sense of accomplishment and prestige. But the point is that everyone can’t spend real money, and UC can solve this issue easily. Here are the items you can get

BGMI free UC

Here are the types of items you can purchase with UC:

  • BGMI Skins for weapons, vehicles, parachutes, costumes, etc
  • You can get different costumes and clothing for your in-game character.
  • Also, get exclusive weapon skins that look cool with unique kill effects.
  • You will get a seasonal pass that unlocks rewards as you complete challenges and level up.
  • You will also get emotes and other funny animations to communicate during the game or celebrate after winning the game.
  • The redeem codes are also used to open crates containing various items and rewards.

Some more helpful Posts for you:

How can you Get UC in BGMI?

There are multiple sources, platforms and forums where you can join to get Free BGMI UC redeem codes. Let me classify the sources into 2 categories:

Direct Ways to Get BGMI UC:

  1. In-game Purchases: You can directly buy UC from the BGMI game app itself. You can use credit/debit cards, UPI, and net banking to make payments.
  2. Official Website: Sometimes, you also get options to purchase UC directly to your game account from some platforms or the official game website.
  3. Join Forums/Groups/Communities: You can join many gaming groups on platforms that have huge followers. You can join Facebook groups, Telegram groups, Discord servers, and Sub-reddits. These sources have players of all levels and they sometimes share the tricks, sources or even codes to help the community.

Indirect Ways to Get BGMI UC

Using these indirect methods too, you can get Free BGMI UC without directly paying money. The indirect methods include redeeming codes, participating in events, or using reward apps.

  1. Google Play Redeem Codes: You can use apps and websites that give Google Play Redeem Codes for doing tasks or surveys. Once you get these codes, you can redeem them in the Google Play Store to add credit to your account. Then you can use this credit to buy UC in BGMI.
  2. Gift Cards and Vouchers: Many retail or online stores sell Google Play or iTunes gift cards. You can redeem these gift cards to get store credit and then use that credit to purchase UC.
  3. Tournaments and Contests: Gaming communities and platforms also host BGMI tournaments or contests. They give UC Google Play, or iTunes gift cards as rewards to winners and participants.
  4. App Referrals and Cashback: Some apps give you cashback or rewards for referring new users or making purchases through them. Sometimes these rewards come as credit which you can use to indirectly buy UC.
  5. Online Surveys and Task Apps: There are apps and websites where you do surveys, watch videos or do tasks to earn rewards. You can convert these rewards into Google Play or iTunes credit to buy UC.

Some popular apps that can give you Google Play Credits

Google Opinion Rewards is made by Google, and in this app, you complete surveys to get Google Play credits.

Swagbucks is a popular program where you earn SB points through surveys, web searches, shopping, and special offers, and these points can be redeemed for Google Play gift cards or other rewards.

By doing surveys, trying new apps, and online shopping on FeaturePoints, you earn points and then exchange them for Google Play codes.

On AppNana, you get Nanas (points) for downloading and playing games, and these Nanas can be used to get Google Play gift cards.

For getting free UC indirectly through rewards or cashback, there is PollPay, a survey app that gives you PayPal cash, which you can use to purchase UC in BGMI.

Pocket Money is also an app that allows you to complete tasks, watch videos, take quizzes and earn cash rewards that can be withdrawn to PayPal or mobile recharge to buy UC.

How to buy or add Free UC to your BGMI account?

BGMI redeem

There are two ways to add UC to your BGMI account:

  • Using a redeem code (if you have one) or
  • Buying UC directly via Playstore wallet

Using a Redeem Code:

  1. Open a browser on your phone or computer.
  2. Search for or Go to the “BGMI redemption site
  3. Enter your BGMI character ID in the box.
  4. Copy and paste the redeem code you copied from our website into the next box.
  5. You will also see some letters and numbers in a box.
  6. Type those exactly into the last box (this is a security check).
  7. Click “Redeem”.
  8. If the code is valid, you will get a confirmation message and the UC will be added to your BGMI account through in-game mail.

Buying UC directly:

  1. Firstly, copy the Google Play redeem code from our website and redeem it in the PlayStore wallet.
  2. The amount will be added to your Play Store account.
  3. Now open the BGMI app on your phone.
  4. Now click on the UC icon (it looks like a stack of coins) at the top right corner of the main screen. Tap on it.
  5. You will see a list of UC packs with different prices.
  6. Choose the one you want.
  7. The payment window will open.
  8. No choose the Playstore option to buy Free BGMI UC.
  9. Confirm the payment using your UPI PIN or password.
  10. Once the payment is successful, the UC will be added to your BGMI account.


I have tried my best to provide you correct information regarding BGMI UC. I and my team always update the table with new and working code.

You know that codes are redeemed instantly and once used they can be used again.

So you have to be very quick in redeeming the code. For this, you will have to bookmark our website and keep visiting again and again so that you can get the right opportunity.

If you need any further help or want to give more suggestions please let me know in the comment box

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