Latest Airtel Free Data Code (Kurkure & Lays)

Last Updated: May 18, 2024, 11:42 am
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You and I, we all feel happy when we get some extra benefits in anything. In this era of high cost, even 1GB extra data is enough to make us happy. Airtel has understood this need of its users and is continuously bringing new offers to provide extra data.

One such easy way to claim free Airtel data code is by buying special packs of Kurkure and Lays chips and using its Airtel Data Code. It is a free gift by Airtel for its users. It does the same thing that we do on our website

In this article, I will first guide you on how to activate and use the Airtel free data code that comes with Lays and Kurkure chips packets. After explaining this Lays offer clearly, I will also tell you some other methods to get free Airtel data vouchers.

Latest Airtel Free Data Code (Kurkure & Lays)

Airtel Free Data Coupon Codes using Kurkure/Lays Packets

This is a method that will allow you to enjoy tasty snacks and also give you free data for your Airtel number. This Kurkure and Lays offer is currently running.

After telling you about this offer, I will explain some other Airtel offers as well. These offers can help you get more benefits like free data on your Airtel connection.

  • You just go to your nearby market and buy a Lays or Kurkure packet
  • You can also order online from online marketplaces like Instamart, Swiggy, Bigbasket or Jiomart.
  • Look for packets that clearly state “Get 2GB free data” on them.
  • After eating Kurkure, you will find a 12-digit free data code inside.

After tearing the pack, you will see the 12-digit code. Carefully type the code in the coupon code box section. You can follow these steps to claim your free Airtel data:

Airtel Free Data Coupon Code
  • Open the Airtel Thanks app on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the ‘Manage‘ tab in the app.
  • Tap on the rewards & coupons
  • Tap on “Got a coupon code? Claim Now
  • Enter the 12-digit promo code that you got inside the Kurkure/Lays pack.
  • Tap on ‘Claim Now‘.
  • Airtel will credit free data to your mobile number after you claim the code.

Free Airtel Data Codes (Kurkure)

Free Airtel Data Codes (Kurkure)
Free Airtel Data Codes (Kurkure)

Airtel Free Data Coupon Code (Lays)

Airtel Free Data Coupon Code (Lays)

Airtel free data with Special Data Packs

You can get extra mobile data on your Airtel connection by recharging with special data packs. Airtel is running a new offer where you get bonus data when you recharge your number with some special recharge options.

Here are the steps you need to follow to claim this additional data benefit:

1) Open the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone.
2) In the app, you will see some data recharge packs mentioned.
3) Now, check which packs are giving extra data over the regular plan benefits.
4) Select a data pack that provides sufficient data for your normal usage and also gives you bonus data.

These special data packs will ensure that you get more data amount than the plan’s quoted benefits. This extra data will give you internet for a longer period on your Airtel number without exhausting the plan’s data limit quickly.

Since data plans may change from time to time, I am not mentioning the amount or name of any data plan pack. You can check by going to your Airtel Thanks app.

Free Amazon Pay Code instead of Airtel Free Data Code

Amazon is another simple method you can apply to get a free Amazon Pay wallet balance. My website FreeGiftZone will help you on this matter.

Every day, I share free Amazon gift card codes on our Website And Telegram group.

Free Amazon Pay Code instead of Airtel Free Data Code

You may know about Amazon gift cards already. But let me tell you again, these are special digital codes by Amazon. You can redeem these Amazon codes to add balance to your Amazon Pay wallet app on the phone.

And then, you can use this Amazon Pay wallet balance to recharge your mobile number across operators like Airtel, Jio or Vi. You will also get additional free data benefits if you recharge via Amazon Pay.

I regularly share fresh Amazon gift card codes like these on our Telegram group and website

Amazon Gift Card Code
Free Amazon Pay Codes to use and get free Airtel data

All you need to do is add the code’s balance to Amazon Pay. And then you can freely recharge your mobile from that wallet for complimentary data.

Dial Numbers Method

There are some numbers you can try. I am not sure about these methods, I have collected this data from various sources already available on the internet. But you should try it once. If your luck favors you then these numbers can also be useful to you.

  1. Try Dialing these numbers
  • Give a missed call to 125346.
  • Give a missed call to 5999555.
  • Dial 52122 from your phone.
  • Try dialling 52141 to check if you get free 2GB of data.
  • Call 54321
  • Dial 51111
  • Call 121346
  • Try dialling the USSD codes *141*567# or *121*100#

Paytm Method

If you have an account with Paytm, you may take the benefit of it to get Free Airtel internet.

  1. First, open the Paytm app or website on your mobile or computer.
  2. Then, go to the recharge section where you can enter details for recharging a mobile number.
  3. Enter your Airtel mobile number which you want to recharge.
  4. You will see many offers eligible at that time. Apply any one such offer that suits your demands
  5. You can also apply some coupons available online.

After successful payment, you may get cashback of up to 100%. I have personally used a popular offer by Paytm: “Paytm new user offer” for Airtel recharge. It works perfectly to get free talktime and data by using the cashback received.

So go ahead, try this Paytm new user offer trick and get free data on your Airtel number without spending any extra money.

Flipkart SuperCoins Method

If you have a smartphone then Amazon and Flipkart are two such apps which will definitely be installed on your phone. If you have Flipkart, you can actually use their SuperCoins to recharge your Airtel number.

Flipkart Super Coins

Let me explain the steps to get Airtel Data Codes using Flipkart Super Coins:

  • Open the Flipkart app or website first. Go to the ‘SuperCoin’ section.
  • Now go to the ‘Recharge’ option from there.
  • Enter your Airtel mobile number here and select ‘Airtel’ as the operator.
  • Choose the recharge amount you want to pay. Then select the SuperCoin icon to apply your coins balance.
  • You will see the discount getting applied to your SuperCoin balance. This reduces the final recharge due amount.
  • Finally, complete the remaining payment process to make the recharge.

After doing this recharge with SuperCoins, you will not only get talktime/data, but Airtel also rewards you 2GB free data additionally.

So next time you need an Airtel recharge, use this Flipkart SuperCoin trick. Get the recharge plus free internet data, simply by using your accumulated Flipkart coins balance.

My website is currently hosting a giveaway that will give you free Flipkart gift cards. You can join the giveaway and get Free Flipkart Card Codes.


I told you all the easy ways to get free data on your Airtel number. I am sharing all new airtel data codes using my stock airtel and packets present in my shop in warehouse. Along with this I will also share some Amazon gift card codes on this page.

Your job is to be active on this page and copy the code as quickly as possible. You should also start trying these tricks one by one. Also, if you know any other working tips to get free Airtel data, please share them in the comments section below.

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