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Last Updated: May 19, 2024, 10:50 pm

Similar to many games, Minecraft has also its own Minecraft Gift Cards. Some people also named it Minecraft redeem codes. I know you are an active Minecraft lover and that’s why you are searching on the internet about Minecraft.

With the Free Minecraft Gift Card codes, you can buy skins, textures or even the latest updates for Minecraft. And that makes a big difference for anyone who loves playing Minecraft.

In this post, I will be sharing the Free Minecraft redeem codes with you. I have collected them from multiple legal sources and even I am buying gift cards from the official Minecraft Gift card shops and adding the new codes to this table.


Note: I neither ask you for any payment or money nor do I collect your personal payment details. I am sharing Minecraft codes with my visitors only as a way to share the love or as a reward. Sometimes I also give gift cards in the giveaway.

List of 20 Free Minecraft Redeem Codes and Gift Cards

Here are 20 randomly generated 25-character long alphanumeric codes, formatted with dashes after every 5 characters:

Free Minecraft Gift Card Code

Here are some more codes:-

Free Minecraft Redeem Code

DisclaimerThe products listed on this site are not authorized or endorsed by Minecraft or Microsoft. The information presented here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer for the sale of Microsoft. Buyers are advised to verify the authenticity of the products before making any purchases. However, we have bought these gift card codes from different legal sources and sharing the codes as a giveaway with our users.

What Are Minecraft Gift Cards?

Minecraft gift cards are the type of redeem codes that can be used to add money to your Minecraft account. With this money in your account, you can buy many things directly in the game. And you don’t need a credit card for this.

You can buy skins, texture packs, and custom worlds made by other Minecraft players. These things allow you to customize your game and make your gaming better by letting you personalize your adventures. You can equip your game character with special skins when playing with friends.

Uses of Minecraft Gift Cards

Do you want to know how to use Minecraft gift card codes in the game? Let me tell you:

Uses of Minecraft Gift Cards
  1. Buy Skins:
    You can use gift cards to buy special skins for your character that will make your character look different when playing with friends.
  2. Purchase Texture Packs:
    Texture packs change how the game’s blocks and environments look. With a gift card, you can choose from many styles. And that makes your game world look fresh and new.
  3. Access New Worlds:
    Minecraft has custom worlds made by other players. You can use gift card codes to get access to these worlds. And these worlds bring new challenges and adventures for you.
  4. Get Game Updates:
    Sometimes, new game updates have paid features. You can use your gift cards to get these updates. And then you can enjoy the latest content in Minecraft.
  5. Minecraft Realms:
    You can pay for a Minecraft Realms subscription using gift cards. Realms allows you and your friends to play together on a private server. It’s a safe space to build and explore together.

Helpful Post For you:

How to Get Free Minecraft Gift Card Codes

Do you want to get free Minecraft gift card codes? There are some ways to do this without risking your security or wasting time. Let me tell you how:

sources to get gift cards

Join Online Surveys and Reward Programs:
Some websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie or PrizeRebel give you reward points. You get these points for doing surveys, watching videos or shopping. You can then use these points to get Minecraft gift cards.

Participate in Contests and Giveaways:
You should keep checking Minecraft forums and social media pages of gaming companies. They sometimes do contests and giveaways where you can win free Minecraft gift card codes. You can even follow your favourite gamers/streamers or join gaming groups to learn about such opportunities.

Earn Points on Gaming Reward Sites:
Sites like PointsPrizes and GrabPoints allow you to earn points by playing games, doing tasks or downloading apps. Once you have enough points, you can get Minecraft gift cards.

Referral Programs:
Some apps give you points or rewards for referring friends and family. You can convert these referral rewards into Minecraft gift cards.

Watch Ads and Videos:
Many websites and apps reward you with points for watching ads or promo videos. You can redeem these points for gift cards. Apps like AppNana and AppTrailers work this way.

Online Tournaments:
If you are good at Minecraft or other games, join online tournaments. Some platforms give gift cards as prizes for winners.

Cashback Apps:
Install apps like Rakuten or Honey. They give you cashback on purchases as points or cash. With time, you can accumulate enough points and convert them to gift cards.

Steps to redeem the Minecraft Gift Cards

How to redeem the gift cards for Minecraft Java Edition (PC & Mac):

Steps to redeem the Minecraft Gift Cards

You can easily redeem a gift card code for Minecraft Java Edition on your PC or Mac. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Minecraft redemption page.
  2. The official Minecraft website says, “To redeem your prepaid code for Minecraft: Java Edition, visit the redemption page…” The link is
  3. You need a Microsoft account to proceed.
  4. Log in to your existing account. Or you can create a new one.
  5. Look for the “Enter Code” field on the page. Enter your gift card code exactly as shown on the card. The code is 25 characters long.
  6. Click “Submit” to complete the process.

Redeeming for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (PC, Mobile, Consoles):

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC, mobile or consoles, you follow similar steps:

  1. Again, you need a Microsoft account. Visit the same redemption page at and log in.
  2. Enter your gift card code in the given field. Then click “Submit“.
  3. The code links to your Microsoft account. You can now access the content you purchased within the Bedrock Edition on your device.

If the redemption is successful, your account balance will be updated with the gift card amount. You can see your balance on the same profile page.

Alternatives to Free Codes

If you want some alternative ways instead of using the Minecraft Redeem Codes. You can try these 2 methods:

  1. Try Out Trial Versions: Minecraft offers a free trial version. You will experience the game without paying any money. The trial gives you a taste of creative and survival modes, though with some limits compared to the full version.
  2. Buying the Game During Sales or Using Discount Offers: Keep checking for sales on Minecraft across platforms like Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop. Minecraft and its editions give big discounts during special events or holidays.

Also, subscribe to newsletters from stores where Minecraft is sold. They send alerts about discounts and promotions.

You can also check my website I keep adding new codes and gift cards to this page. You should check the website frequently as I randomly add codes whenever I purchase or receive from other sources.


I have told you all the possible ways to get free Minecraft gift card codes. I’m also giving you a FREE Minecraft Redeem Code. Like I said, if you want to increase your chances of getting a free gift card you have to be active on my website.

Also, tell us if you have any experience related to this to share. Or do you have questions? Write them in the comments below. Your input may help other gamers in their Minecraft adventures.

If you found this information useful, please bookmark this website. You will get more free gift cards and codes like this in the future.

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